Fully custom websites are expensive, have a painstakingly long turnaround time, and if we can get really real?

Not everyone needs one.

Your business deserves a home base that people won’t want to leave, without the bank-breaking price tag and months-long turnaround time. You need a place to send your dream clients. Right here. Right now.

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Creative templates customized to showcase your brand in the best light

It's as easy as one, two, three:

STEP 3: customization



Visit my shop page and pick your favorite template. This is included in your investment into web template customization, so don’t hit purchase just yet. Instead, let me know which one’s your fave on your application form.
One week before we kick off your website template customization, you pass along your copy, branding, and photos. Don’t have them? Don’t worry, I have a couple things to help you out with that.
We’ll meet for a kickoff call at the beginning of your project, and then I will get to work! By the end of the week your new website is ready to share with the world.

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starting: $2,500

Website Template Customization Includes:

  • A Melo Creative Showit template
  • creative direction strategy call
  • Template customization of 6+ pages
  • Basic Seo set up
  • One week timeline
  • Domain setup and how-to videos

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Ready to build the website of your dreams but don't have an established brand identity? We got you. While you can totally apply for our bigger branding experience (the BDE), we also offer a Visual Identity (an exclusive offer of Template Customization), giving you the ultimate essentials for your brand & all that's needed to build your website.

cost - $1200

sales page(s)

If you're launching a program or a new service that really needs its own moment, opt to add a Sales Page build. This is a more in-depth look at your offer to show your audience what it is, why they need it, and how it'll change their lives.

cost - $350 per page

blog build

Want to add a blog to your new website? Donezo.
We'll customize your main page, categories page, and single post page, plus get it completely linked up with WordPress, Showit's blog host. If you have an existing blog on WordPress or SquareSpace, Showit can actually help you migrate previous posts over to your new blog.

cost - $500

Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice Strategy

Before you write your copy, make sure that your messaging and tone of voice are on-point. Sit down with our copywriter, Kori Whitby for an hour-long strategy call and receive an in-depth brand messaging guide including personality, tone of voice, taglines, and more.

cost - $900

copy audit & edit

When you’re done with your DIY copy, why not get an expert eye on it? In this package you’ll send your new copy over to Kori for an audit, edit, and search engine optimization.

cost - $1000

People, and brands, are so multi-faceted

Your website is the place where all of those moving parts that make your brand come together.

>>> it positions you as a leader
>>> makes selling oh, so much simpler
>>> and is your ultimate catalyst for growth

So, why wait longer than a week for it to come to life? Customize your template with Melo Creative instead.




Designed for the bold and the powerful meets vibey and minimalist. Skade was designed with creatives in mind for the aesthetic website of you dreams. Each canvas has a unique story to tell and it wants to tell yours.

She’s cute, she’s soft, she’s here to show you what she’s got. Peach pairs perfectly with multi-passionate entrepreneurs with a pop editorial feel driven by unique layouts to add a little funk into any brand!

Zumi is versatile and zesty. Her dynamic design paired with her cohesive story to tell will leave a lasting impression. Built with Educators, Mentors, and Service Providers in mind, she will create an engaging experience for your audience.

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Recent clients who found their 

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alexa sibberson

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house of wynn
template diy

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good hair collective
template Customization

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Recent clients who found their 

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house of wynn
template diy

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template customization

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alexa sibberson

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Kaila O'Connor & Hannah Gerber
// KMO Consulting

We didn’t know where to start or what we wanted. When we engaged with Melo, our brand was starting to have a personality but needed to bring it to life in a visual way. We didn’t want to go with anyone who’d box us in… anyone who follows the ‘shoulds’. Melo has a very defined and approachable edge. She puts together concepts and colors and shapes in a way we hadn’t seen before. There’s an effortless cool factor that comes from her that she also helps pull out in other people. 

Cyd Charisse
// Co-Founder Destroy The Hairdresser

When you have an outsider’s perspective of your brand and business looking in, it’s a game changer. I didn’t know what I wanted until Melo created exactly what I was describing. I have a very edgy way of coaching, and I wanted that to be seen in my branding. Melo gave me the core foundation of a brand that will grow as my business does. Her work speaks for itself—she’s talented, cool, and she just gets it.

Becca Luna
// Web Design Educator

Melo will be your new unicorn when it comes to branding, web and photography advice. Invest in her and your business will forever see a return.

Alexa Sibberson
// Copywriter

Working with Melo was SO amazing. As a fellow creative, she made the process so easy and totally captured my vibe and website needs in a way that was efficient and effective. These projects can often be drawn out and tedious, and Melo got it done—and done right—so fast. Truly amazing creative work happening here.

Susie Hutcheson
// Susie B. & Co.

Melo managed to take ALL of my brain and all of my (varied, pop-culture-esque) interests into a social strategy and top-tier freakin' templates that actually, actually feel like me. It's been a #struggle trying to show up online and market my business because so many of the things I see out there don't align with me — and she's fixed that! Can't recommend working with her team enough.

Christen Barrs
// Good Hair Collective

Magic. I don't know how you do it but taking phrases like "I want to feel like a vintage ice cream truck" to "casual luxury at the beach but not a beach full of crabs and anchors" and then make them into beautiful branding concepts that fully encompass all that I imagine for my businesses. I could not be happier with the brands, the websites, and everything you have created for me. I love seeing it come to life! Thank you for sharing your talents with us, small businesses trying to make an impact in our industries.

Ashley Houghton
// Unabridged Photo

I loved working with Melo! She was super organized and clear about her services and what she needed from me! The branding and copy workbook were especially helpful in developing my brand and website! The final product was better than I could have imagined and I felt really supported through the whole process!

Ashley Wheeler
// Alpen & Glo

Working with Melo was not only a fun time, but we were also able to learn a lot from the experience. Throughout the website build process, Melissa's communication was on point and the process in which we worked together was streamlined and easy to follow - nothing fancy, just good old fashion organization. We especially loved how she set us up for success by creating a tutorial on how to edit our website in the future. In the end, Melo delivered a beautiful, true-to-us, website design for our agency that has gotten us tons of accolades and compliments from future and potential clients!

Melo just gets it - she is so talented. Our Quickie was very powerful and insightful. She was able to take a look at my project from a birds eye view and make tweaks & improvements I would never have thought of!

Liz Coyles
// Human Design Coach

I loved working with Melo! The quickie and BDE were so helpful to have a new perspective. Before I wasn’t sure if I needed a branding upgrade but it was such an amazing decision! I feel like my work was perfectly translated and details like the templates being perfectly tailored to my content needs have made things so much easier for me.

Hannah Mayfield
// Financial Educator

Nicole Satian
// Virtual Muse

Melo you are my LIFESAVER. The insight + support you provide in an hour with these Quickies blows me away. You’ve helped me uncover so much clarity + confidence + joy in my business – it’s absolutely priceless. You’re just a creative genius + a beam of light. So happy I found you :’)

Sarah Kleeman
// Goldenrod Parlor

I just love it. Thank you for taking the time to understand my brand and my industry. Everything looks so damn good and I can’t wait to use everything! Thank you thank you Melo.

Hélène Heath
// Content Creator

If you want your brand assets to be super aesthetic, unique, cool, elevated, all while working with someone who's professional and responsive, Melo Creative is it. Melo just gets it and gets it done. She's the perfect mix of left and right brain -- it's a real pleasure to work with her.

Client Love

// Hear It First-Hand




What if I don’t have copy, branding, or brand photos?

Please note: copy, branding, and photos are required in order to start your template customization project. If you need copy, branding, or photos before your project starts, we have a few (awesome) resources to help you out: 

FOR COPY: We believe that good copy is essential to the overall health of your website. Because of that, we're supplying you with four (yes, 4!) different ways to develop your website copy. 1 - Each template comes with a complete DIY copy guide taking you through every single copy prompt of the site with guidance along the way. 2 - We’ve teamed up with our friend Kori Whitby to provide you with a few resources to help you master your website copy. She can help you with brand messaging and tone of voice strategy to nail down your brand voice and/or 3 - she can execute a copy audit and edit for you when you’re finished writing and want some expert eyes on your words. 4 - ALSO, Kori has created an exclusive Copy 101 Masterclass to get you started and feeling confident in your writing.

FOR BRANDING: Consider our BDE package before you move on to template customization. This service is a two-week brand strategy and design package that will provide you with all the visual elements you need for your brand, with the fool-proof strategy to back it up. Another option is to opt for the Mini Visual Identity add-on, an exclusive offer within Template Customization.

FOR BRAND SHOOTS: Check out The Shop for creative resources (with more coming soon!).

Can I use your templates for a platform other than Showit?

No. Our templates are built specifically for Showit and won’t translate to other website platforms.

Can I customize my template on my own?

Sure! In that case, visit The Shop and purchase your favorite! When you do, you’ll be sent details on how to upload it to your Showit account and customize the elements. Showit is a super user-friendly platform. Happy customizing!

How long does template customization take?

Provided that we have everything we need to get started (copy, branding, and photos), your website template customization project will be finished within a week of your project start date.

Please note: failing to provide the assets that we need to get started in time will forfeit your spot and there is no guarantee that we'll be able to get your project back on our calendar immediately.

What’s the investment for template customization?

Template Customization starts at $2500 but can be higher, depending on your needs.

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Have questions about Website Template Customization or Custom Web Design?

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