Hello, I’m Melo, the founder of Melo Creative. I’m a color outside of the lines creative with a knack for helping brands shine their best light–both online and IRL. 

Besides being a lifelong creative, the me of my past heavily shaped the me of today. That’s because past Melo spent 9+ years living in NYC, working in various creative and digital marketing jobs. Starting with a job at a boutique PR agency in 2012, and ending with gigs in social media management, content creation, and creative production. These jobs shaped the me of the present, and taught me everything I know about how to be a grownup, communicate with others, and have a backbone. I left the 9-5 life to start Melo Creative because I knew that things would be even better and cooler with me in charge.

Basically, I help people put their best foot forward in all aspects of their brand–strategy, creative direction, and design. The most important part of business to me is human connection. That’s why I think it’s crucial to build a bond with my clients, and really get to know them while building their brand. Everyone has these beautiful, amazing quirks about them. It’s my job to find them and celebrate them. 


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- melo


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Hello, I’m Maya. Designer + Operations Lead of Melo Creative. I'm the energizer bunny who thrives on pushing the boundaries. Creating beautiful things & working with bad ass people lights me up! 

With a background in the entertainment industry creating atmospheres through stage design & lighting design I craved more and fell into creating digital atmospheres in the online space through all things branding & web design.

Melo and I found each other in the DMs and it was a match made in heaven. We immediately hit it off and I've been on the team ever since.

We strive for bold, out-of-the-box, and memorable brands and I can't wait to be a part of bringing yours to life!


The Energizer Bunny

see you soon!
- maya

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we want to let you in on a little secret...we love our clients and value our relationships beyond the final deliverables. we want to see you succeed as a brand but, also as a person. we genuinely want you to love showing up in your business. so, congrats! you just met your new biggest cheerleaders <3

to your best you

to your growth

to your dreams

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creative direction + Strategy

Ironing out the kinks in your business begins here. Hone in on what is holding you back and leave with action steps to walk confident in your brand.


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brand identity design

Your business is the script, your brand is everything on top of that >> your style, values, mission, connection, essence. Time to craft the story you want to tell.


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Crafting a catch all for every bit of magic you have to offer is our focus. Welcome your audience to a strategy-backed website that leaves a lasting impression.


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