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Inquiring minds want to know

There is one thing that’s holding me back! Do you have a ‘low cost’ option where I can just pick your brain?

Yes! What you’re looking for is The Quickie – a 30 minute strategy session where you can come to us with a specific issue (social strategy, package names, outfits for your next brand shoot) and we’ll work through it together. You can book that by CLICKING HERE.

Do I need branding in order to apply for template customization?

Yes! If you already have branding and are ready to get to work on your website, you can go ahead and apply. If you don’t have branding done yet, we recommend starting with our BDE service. You’ll get killer branding, strategy, and first priority for your template customization project. Another option is to opt for our Mini Visual Identity add-on, an exclusive offer within Template Customization.

What platform do you design on?

Showit, baby! We love it because it’s super customizable and user-friendly (read: once it’s launched, you can easily tweak it on our own).

Do you offer payment plans?

Oh yeah. We want to ease any “scaries” that you might have about investing in your biz. Both BDE and Web Design can be paid in full, or split up into two or three payments. Just let us know which payment option you prefer in your application!

Will I be able to make updates to my website in the future?

Yes! Showit is super user-friendly. On top of that, we'll send you off with training videos so you can expertly make updates whenever you need to.

What other costs do I need to consider when investing in Web Design?

You’ll definitely need to purchase a domain and your Showit subscription. 

You'll also probably want to invest in a brand shoot and a great copywriter, as well. They’re the gorgeous, strategic cherries on top of a great website.

What are you jamming to rn? 

So glad you asked! CLICK HERE to listen to our Spotify playlist, curated for any and every mood.

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